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Some Stream Requests.

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zedrin-stormshock said: NO FUCK YOU HOW THE HELL

Black magics. *Wiggles fingers*

Zbrush Treasure Chest.

Doodles from my livestream.

2nd pic character belongs to Servali on Leopets

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Mako will protect my blog.

Mako will protect my blog.

Jamming up some concepts listening to FZDSchool on Youtube to inspire me.  //yes there are photos in them. @_@

Talking about responsibilities. /avoid

Talking about responsibilities. /avoid

Social Networking as in a series of tubes.

Made a Twitter, LinkedIn, CGhub, and probably some other sites. Connected those to my skype, facebook, and tumblr to small degrees where appropriate. 

Am I “in” on this social networking yet? :C

[twitter] , [nothing posted on CGhub yet] , [deviantart] , or uhh something

New Icon. The 2nd one being for my inspiration/side blog.